Monday, January 10, 2011

I did a Hmong Branch Interview

The sun came out, today. It's partly cloudy and at a temperature where I don't need a coat. I'm sure it's still cold, but it doesn't feel like it. I haven't seen the sun in over a week and now it's shining. Granted, I'm still not going to look at the sun because let's face it; that would be dumb. It looked like it was snowing last night. The sky was slightly dark and completely overcast with dense fog above us, and there were flurries all around, falling. They were actually just little tree fluff thing-a-ma-jigs, but it was cold and really reminded me of snow. It was nice, but I'm pretty sure a lot of it got into the grooves of my helmet. I was biking along on Saturday and I did something stupid by trying to change gears while going up a steep climb, going into an apartment complex. A chain link snapped and left me a good distance from the bike shop without being able to pedal my bike. Hoping the bike shop was still open on a Saturday evening, we set off walking. It went a lot faster when I put one foot on a pedal and propelled myself like you would on a skateboard. It was tiring, though. After awhile, my companion biked with one hand and pushed me from behind while I sat like a lazy bum. That one worked the best of all. "Faster! Faster!" "Don't let go. Promise me you won't let go." That's the way I felt, at least, like a little kid learning how to ride a bike. It was a lot of fun.

I hit my month and month-left marks this week. I don't look at it as a countdown, but there you have it. The weeks are rolling down. I don't know what the flight information is, yet, but I imagine I will get it tomorrow, or some other time this week. All I really know is I come home on February 9th. From Tuesday to Friday, we have a specialized training thing in Fresno. It's for all trainers, district leaders, and zone leaders and they will take, basically, until dinner-time each day. Elder Ramos will have to work with another elder or another companionship for those days, I guess. We'll find out how all of it is going to work today, sometime.

I don't know why, but I had a memory, yesterday. I was remembering the time that Dad was bringing the missionaries to the house in Hamel for dinner or something. I don't remember too much about it because I was young, but I remember something about a bird flying through the car window and smacking the elder in the forehead, and the thought made me laugh. It still makes me laugh, thinking about it. I didn't mention it last week because I had so little time and, well, I had forgotten.

There was a lady that I did a baptismal interview for in the Hmong Branch. I have done several before for the branch, but they have always been kids or youth and they spoke perfect English. This was an older lady that really didn't speak any English. I would love to say that I had a ton of faith and, using the gift of tongues, I gave her the interview and understood everything perfectly, but that would be a lie--and I don't like lying. A Hmong-speaking elder translated for both of us, back and forth. It was a really cool experience. We went to the baptism and it was almost entirely in Hmong. Elder Ramos is an American citizen, but is most recently from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He speaks both English and Spanish perfectly well. We get along pretty well. That's pretty much it, I suppose. This week will be interesting.


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