Monday, January 31, 2011

I'll see you in about a week

I still can't believe I go home next week. For some reason, it's crazy. It's just ludicrous. Oh well. We had a specialized training (pretty much a zone conference) on Thursday, along with interviews with President Gonzalez. My temple recommend had expired for 27 days. He just had said we would take care of it during interviews, and it worked out. It's still nice to have a valid one. It's really great having a solid testimony, now. While hearing and answering the interview questions, it made me really grateful I could answer all the testimony questions with an affirmative, "Yes." It was a pretty good moment.

We had another stake conference, yesterday. It was a regional broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City for all of Northern California. It was one of those more personal ones. President Eyring, President Packer, the Primary President, and one of the presidents of the Seventy were the speakers. I wish I had taken notes, but I remember President Eyring's talk was amazing. I don't know where that could be found--or if it could.

I had a couple more exchanges this past week, and I have to do another two this week. It was a busy transfer full of specialized training, vineyard assignments, etc. that prevented us from being able to do all of the exchanges early on.

Oh, I ate alligator. It's...different. Not bad, just...different. We went to this sushi and grill place where they cook it all right in front of you and I couldn't resist. I had to try it. Besides, just like everyone else, they were out of ostrich. Apparently they are out of season. How can a bird be out of season. I don't get it. It was interesting trying something like alligator, though.

This whole next week and a bit are going to be so busy. I imagine after that are going to be even busier. We'll have to make it all work, though. In answer to what so many are wondering, I am very excited to come home and to see everyone. I'm trying very hard to not lose focus, but I am excited for when the time actually comes. Let's see what can't be done in my last full week... Have a great week!


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  1. Good news! I got your mission extended!

    Hah! That is not even going to have a chance to be funny because you wont read this until you're already home and you will know that I am full of "it".