Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm staying focused.

The past few days have been blanketed with heavy fog. Last night and today have been this grey blanket over this portion of the valley. It's a strange kind of thing. We were being driven home last night and it was where you couldn't see too far in front of you. It wasn't to the point of being really dangerous, but where you should go slower because you couldn't see anything that wasn't half a football field ahead of you. It's a strange kind of thing. We have fog back home, but it's scattered and rare, it seems. Here it envelopes everything. It's due to all the agriculture and everything around the cities, I think.

Not much went on this week out of the normal. It's been pretty slow. We cleaned up the area book a lot and got some things started on that. The biggest thing that is happening in missionary work (I don't think I mentioned it yet) is mormon.org. They have revamped the website and are encouraging the missionary force (I think nationwide) to get very familiar with it and to become "experts" at it. They have videos and profiles of all the members of the church that make them. We're supposed to start using them in our proselyting. The videos are great.

I still can't believe the 9th is coming so close. I go home the week after next. That's a weird thing to say. I say again, I am very excited about coming home, but am still staying focused. I can't teach the principle of Endure to the End for two years and be a hypocrite now. Thanks for everything

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